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601 Handelt es sich bei der Josefina Bernardina aus Vechta und der Josephine Antoinette in Cincinnati um dieselbe Person? Vornmohr , Josefina Bernardina !Antoinette (I45704)
602 Handelt es sich um Anna Catharina Margareta Heuermann, * 30 Nov 1834 in Sandhatten, die auch in der Datenbank steht? Heuermann, Anna (I60137)
603 Handelt es sich um die am 19 JUL 1824 (!) in Goldenstedt getaufte Anna Maria Lange, Tochter von Johann Henrich Lange, Heuerling vorm Holtze, und Margaretha Elisabeth, geborene Doth? Lange, Anna Maria (I35848)
604 Handelt es sich um diese Person bei der Auswanderin? Die Identit√§t ist nicht ganz eindeutig. Aka, Maria *Gertrud (I67729)
605 Handelt es sich um diese Person, die nach Galveston auswanderte? B√∂ning , Hinrich Wilhelm Gerhard (I58902)
606 Handelt es sich um dieselbe Person? Eine 2. Person ist in Wildeshausen nicht zu finden. Witte !Wittig ?, Johann Hinrich (I70526)
607 Handelt es sich um ein Pflegekind? Caplin / Sanford, Marie (I54176)
608 Hat 100 Taler mit sich genommen. Albers, Anton (I4482)
609 Hat 100 Taler mit sich genommen. Hellmann, Joseph (I4492)
610 Hat 100 Taler mit sich genommen. Hellmann, Elisabeth (I4493)
611 Hat 150 Taler mit sich genommen. Varrelmann, Arnold (I4225)
612 Hat 20 Taler mit sich genommen. Pulsfort, Gertrud (I4212)
613 Hat 200 Taler mit sich genommen. Sander, Clemens (I4220)
614 Hat 25 Taler mit sich genommen Pundsack, Josephine (I4222)
615 Hat 25 Taler mit sich genommen. Pundsack, Clara (I4221)
616 Hat 25 Taler mit sich genommen. Pundsack, Elisabeth (I4227)
617 Hat 250 Taler mit sich genommen. Busse, J. H. (I3448)
618 Hat 50 Taler mit sich genommen.
StA. OL: Best. 76-24 Nr. 29 
Muhle, Bernard Heinrich (I26438)
619 Hat 50 Taler mit sich genommen. Cordes, Joseph (I3449)
620 Hat 50 Taler mit sich genommen. L√ľcking, J. Hinrich (I4217)
621 Hat 50 Taler mit sich genommen. Wempe, Johann Hinrich (I4232)
622 Hat 60 Taler mit sich genommen. Westing, Mar. (I4483)
623 Hat 80 Taler mi6 sich genommen. Kohl, Friedrich (I4256)
624 Hat 80 Taler mit sich genommen. Lamping, B. Hinrich (I4233)
625 Hat nur das Reisegeld mitgenommen Stuntebeck, Arnd Hinrich ?Carl (I4459)
626 He is in the 1910 and 1920 censuses in Bronx, New York City. In 1910 he was living with his wife of 12 years, Marie, his sons Herman and Gustave, his daughter Johanna C., and her husband Frank Gunther. In 1920 he was a widower, living with his married daughter Johanna and family.

On the 1900 census in Manhattan, he is living with his three children Herman, Hannah, and Gustave, and his marital status is "widower".

Naturalized 23 Oct 1891 in New York City. 
Borries , Christoph (I31997)
627 He is listed on the 1920 census of Cresco, Iowa, and on the 1925 census his wife Laura is a widow. Ficken, Frederick (I20326)
628 He possibly settled in Indianapolis -- there is a Henry C. Maass on the 1900, 1910, and 1920 censuses. Maas, Heinrich Christian (I1551)
629 He was NOT baptized in 1865. Siefken, Friedrich (I63277)
630 Heirat auch in Schweiburg eingetragen. Familie F3485
631 Heirat in Jader Vorwerk. (3-fache Hochzeit) Familie F2428
632 Helena Boltjes Hobbie was the aunt of Ferdinand and Mathilda Schedemann. Boltjes, Lena (I8773)
633 Hengstforde? Janssen, Fred (I49879)
634 Henry Rodiek in den USA Rodiek, Johann Heinrich (I24864)
635 Her Name is listed as "Toline" or "Foline" on the Immigration record. Rastedt, Helene M (I61386)
636 Her sister Lena was the wife of Joh. Gerhard Hobbie. Boltjes, Sophie (I31540)
637 Herkunftsort laut Passagierliste: Allerap = Holtrup, Langf√∂rden? Gerdes, Anna (I63667)
638 Herkunftsort laut Passagierliste: Allerap = Holtrup, Langf√∂rden? Gerdes, Johann Heinrich (I63668)
639 Herkunftsort laut Holhus Schenkhoff, Elisabeth (I59708)
640 Herkunftsort unsicher! Vagedes, Caspar (I63473)
641 His gravestone gives the date as 27 Nov 1861. de Boer, Hermann Antoni (I55513)
642 His gravestone says he died at the age of 43 years, 5 months, 13 days. This would give a birthdate of 20 Nov 1846. Several family trees on support this date. One Family tree, the Schroeder and Jacob Family Tree, gives his place of birth as Pottschapplitz, Bautzen, Sachsen, Germany. Pietsch, Carl *Wilhelm (I1036)
643 His parents are Family 150 in the Vechta-Cloppenburg list.

He had a brother named Henry Joseph, and a sister named Maria Carolina, who also emigrated to Iowa. 
Osterhaus, Franz Anton (I49156)
644 His passport application, dated 4 May 1872, verifies the connection between this birth date and the person living in Georgia after the Civil War. Epping, Johann *Heinrich Hermann (I536)
645 His tombstone gives his birth year as 1857. Frerichs, Christian (I2060)
646 hochoberliches Urtheil √ľber die Scheidung Familie F5079
647 Holthaus Horstmann, Hermann Henrich (I59084)
648 Home in 1910: Manhattan Ward 12, New York City. Kempen, Gerhard Friedrich (I46179)
Mini Biography
Dietrich Moseman, 13, was born about July 27, 1864 in Germany and
died on October 24, 1877 in Nebraska. He is buried at Logan
cemetery. His parents were J. D. and Anna Moseman. His parents, a
brother and a sister are buried near him.
Moseman, Dietrich 
Masemann, Menke *Diedrich (I2793)
History of the Elkhorn Valley
Page 643
John G. H. Teebken, of Section 34, Bismark township, Cuming County,
was born near the City of Oldenburg, Germany, March 24, 1852. He
is the son of John C. and Anna (Oltmans) Teebken. The former died
in 1882 and the latter in 1889. They were the parents of ten
children - two sons and eight daughters - our subject being the
only one in America. The first fourteen years of our subject's
life did not vary much from other German youths. He attended
school and worked with his father at blacksmithing at intervals,
and then left home and began life as a body servant to the chief
secretary of the Grand Duke, or ruler of Oldenburg, (Graf von
Monnig). Later he worked in a brewery, but in 1869 he came to
Marengo, Iowa, where he worked at farm labor. In 1881 he came to
Scribner, Nebraska, near which place he rented land one season, and
then bought wild land which forms a part of his present farm, which
now contains five hundred and sixty acres. His residence is one of
the best farm houses in the Elkhorn Valley. He is extensively
engaged in stock raising and feeding; he usually keeps over one
hundred head of cattle. He is a stockholder in the State Bank at
Politically he is a Democrat, always taking a great interest in
public affairs. For two years he represented the township on the
board of supervisors. He was also justice of the peace for several
years and is now town treasurer. In educational matters he is
quite active, and is giving his children a good educational
opportunity. He belongs to the German Lutheran Church, and was a
liberal contributor towards the church building erected in hs
He was united in marriage December 3, 1871, to Gesine Luschen, a
native of Oldenburg. Our subject and his wife have three living
children and three deceased; Fritz accidentally drowned; Johanna,
Anna, Emma, died of diphtheria; John died of scarlet fever, and
Mary. The older children are being educated in German as well as
English. Since Mr. Teebken first located farm land in his
neighborhood has increased from four to five hundred per cent. When
he arrived in Marengo, Iowa, he had seventy-five cents in money
left, and owed thirty-five dollars of his passage money, which he
afterwards sent back to the old country. But he has come to be one
of the most prosperous and progressive farmers of Cuming County,
Nebraska. To one who comes from the Old World without means and
builds for himself a home in a new prairie county, and finally
becomes wealthy, there must be attached no little credit. And be it
said of the German people that they furnish a large per cent of the
successful farmers and business men of this country today.
Teebken, Johann 
Familie F3045

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